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200hr Yoga Teacher Training (Hybrid)

Are You Ready? In order to inspire others, we must first be committed to transforming ourselves.

You don't need an advanced level of yoga practice to participate in the program, what you gain relies not on your experience or how flexible you are, but the passion and the enthusiasm you bring.

The most powerful Yoga Teacher Training in the world. Power Living has been transforming lives through yoga education for over a decade. At Power Living we are recognised as the 'teacher of teachers' and as such our graduates are regarded as some of the best trained facilitators in the industry.

80 Hours In Person | 120 Hours Online | NSW & VIC | Yoga Alliance Certified | 12 Week Course | 15-20 Hours / Week of Study | Begins 18th June

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Core Subjects In This Course

Yoga Asana Poses, Flows and Sequencing


Asana | Sequencing | Anatomy

Practice Teaching & Self Lead Study


Mentoring | Self Study

Philosophy & Theory


Ancient Wisdom | Modern Theory

This course is immersive, heart opening, life changing for:

Aspiring Teachers

Those ready to facilitate transformation in others through the power of yoga

Qualified yoga teachers looking to refresh or expand their training

Dedicated Students

Students looking to expand their own personal practice without the intention to teach

Committed students with a desire and a passion to learn, not just about yoga asana but about themselves

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12 Week Course Outline

A potent and life changing course that can work around your life and work commitments. Finish in 12 weeks or take up to 9 months to complete the course, this is truly education with a difference.

Both our Online and Hybrid courses utilise our digital classroom. This technology gives you the power to access your course content anytime, anywhere, from your favourite device.

Week 1 Fundamentals: Understand the fundamentals of anatomy for yoga teachers. Begin the journey of asana alignment and get in touch with the pranayama and bandha

Week 2 Anatomy: Look deeper into anatomical intelligence and applying it's theory to asana. Begin learning how to teach Sun Salutation A and open the door to traditional yoga studies

Week 3 Sequencing: Continue the applied anatomy journey, expand your sequencing knowledge and build prana learning traditional techniques

Week 4 Philosophy: Gain confidence applying anatomy to asana and develop your practice teaching skills. Be inspired by ancient philosophy delivered by Duncan Peak

Week 5 Integrate: Learn the intricacies of anatomical alignment. Get upside down with arm balance techniques and start to apply ancient yogic teachings to your own personal life

Week 6 Plan Classes: Establish an earthly connection to standing postures and begin to understand how to prepare and create philosophies for class

Week 7 Spine: You're only as young as your spine is healthy. Learn techniques to keep the spine vibrant and supple, whilst connecting to the heart of yoga

Week 8 Vedas: Dive deep into the ancient texts of the Vedas and Upanishads. Immerse yourself in the Power Living Methodologies that have been used to create our world class studios

Week 9 Bhagavad Gita: Study the one of the two modern day bibles of yoga, The Bhagavad Gita. Continue the practice teaching journey and expand your asana knowledge

Week 10 Yoga Sutras: Consider the skills and values of a yoga teacher, study Patanjali’s Ancient Yoga Sutras and geek out with deeper anatomical knowledge

Week 11 Break The Rules: Understand the rules of sequencing so you can break them like a master. Explore the tradition of Hatha Yoga and experience Shatkarma, personal cleansing techniques

Week 12 Delver Your Class: Create sequences that positively challenge students, inspire their minds with poetic class philosophy and shift their energy through the technology of Hatha Yoga 

About The Hybrid Course

This course format is a combination of Online & In-Person learning. This option is perfect for a student

The Hybrid course is organised in 6 week modules. Module 1 will begin with 4 weeks of online learning, followed by a 4-day in-person block (Thursday - Sunday) and then another week of online learning. This is then immediately repeated for Module 2, however during the last week of the program, you will complete your final written exam online.

ALL components of this course (except the LIVE Q&A and the In-Person training days) are pre-recorded and delivered through the Teachable platform. This includes your six (6) vinyasa classes per week.

We are including a complimentary “Livestream Membership” for the duration of your course for those that are not near a physical studio, which means that you can do a few Livestream classes per week to feel that in-person vibe!

Alternately, you are welcome to purchase a discounted studio membership during your 12 weeks course for $349 if you do wish to continue practicing in a physical studio.

The 6 asana classes per week must be completed as part of your graduation requirements and tracked on your “Asana Practice Log”, for a total of 72 total asana practices, either online or in-studio.

You will have a sheet to log the dates of your practices that will be submitted as a graduation requirement.

There are 80hrs of in-person facilitation included on this program. These hours are delivered over TWO 4-day blocks running Thursday - Sunday (see dates below). In these hours together you will have the opportunity to refine the learning you have already done online, get deeper into posture review and get direct feedback / coaching on your practice teaching!

Next Course Begins - 18th June 2022

In-person dates for NSW & VIC locations are:

July 21-24 and 01-04 September 2022

The online lectures are released weekly over the course of 12 weeks.


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Duncan Peak
Duncan Peak

Duncan is the original pioneer of contemporary yoga in Australia and the Founder, Master Facilitator and CEO of Power Living.

With 20+ years’ of teaching experience, Duncan share's his modern-day yoga philosophy with our communities. He has an anatomical background in NeuroSpinaology, has completed extensive traditional yoga studies with Georg Feuerstein & practiced Raja/Tantra/Hatha Yoga for over 20 yrs.

Smashing the traditional yoga stereotypes, with creative vision & courageous spirit, shaping what Power Living is today: Australia’s largest and most successful yoga business. His teachings blend pre & post-classical yoga philosophies and traditional Hatha, contemporary Vinyasa and Yin Yoga methodologies. 

Troy Abraham
Troy Abraham

A much-loved member of the Power Living crew, Troy has over 10 years (15,000+ hours of teaching) experience in the classroom.

Troy’s teaching style is powerful, with a strong emphasis on breath, total immersion in the moment and with a passion for functional movement. Using yoga as a tool to discover the most connected version of themselves.

Troy has completed a 1,000hr mentorship with Duncan Peak & his 1,000hr formal accreditations are with Baptiste Institute, Yoga Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff, Dynamic Movement therapy with James Skalkos & Functional Range Conditioning. He has studied leaders like Tony Robbins, Pedram Shojai and Georg Fueurstein.

Gina Brescianini
Gina Brescianini

Gina Brescianini was a soloist with The Australian Ballet for 10 years, performing all over the world, in traditional and contemporary ballets. 

Gina started practicing Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan in 2001 and she was emmersed in the practice every spare moment, completing her teacher training in New Mexico in 2010. She is a pilates instructor and has had her own business, Radiant Awakening Kundalini and Pilates Center in Sydney, 2010-2013. During these years Gina found Power Living and completely fell in love with the practice and community.

Gina has completed a 1,000hr mentorship with Duncan Peak, assisted on Annie Carpenters world-class trainings, studied Vinyasa flow yoga, as taught by Shiva Rae & with Sarah Powers.

After You Graduate - Coaching, Support and Advanced Courses

One of the most confronting parts of qualifying as a new yoga teacher can be knowing what to do next and how to continue your development. This is why we provide our SuperCoach sessions at our studios to join large group practice teaching sessions to get feedback from our senior facilitators as part of your course tuition. These happen monthly at either Bondi Beach, Manly, Fitzroy and Adelaide once studio operations return to our pre- COVID capacities Graduates are entitled to attend 1 SuperCoach session for free as part the course tuition.

Upon completion of your 200hr Teacher Training, you will be provided with information about our Advanced Yoga Education Modules and how you can continue your learning with Power Living or you can visit and take a look at our Teacher Training section for more information.

It doesn’t just stop at 200 hour – we can take you all the way to 500 hour advanced training level with courses designed to deepen and expand your knowledge at any point. Our 500 hour pathway allows you to start to focus in on specific areas of yoga such as yin, advanced sequencing and advanced philosophy. Each course has a certain number of accredited hours so you can continue to top-up your education towards 500 hours at your own time and pace.

You must read the Terms and Conditions for this 200hr Hybrid Teacher Training Course prior to your purchase.

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