Join us for the Power Living

Essential Assisting Program

w/Troy Abraham!

Our Essential Assisting Program is delivered fully in-person and is designed to give you the tools you need to safely and confidently offer hands on assists to your students in the classroom.

This 20hr module is for students that have not had any assisting training, or those that have and want a up-to-date refresher, and will cover the nuts and bolts of assisting, applicable anatomy and appropriate entry and exit from assists. The Power Living Essential Assisting Program is a pre-requisite to progress as an in-studio assistant at any Power Living Studio.

Power Living will be re-introducing our In-Studio Assisting Program (When safe to do so), where students are paired with Power Living Senior facilitator for a 5 - 10 week block and they are an extra set of hands in the classroom to offer stabilising assists. The Essential Assisting course is a pre-requisite to be considered for the above opportunity. Within this block of classes, students have the opportunity to be mentored and coached by our most senior staff members.

Students wishing to apply to the In-Studio Assisting program will need to attend an assessment on Sunday, May 22nd before being considered to participate as an in-studio assistant. If students do not wish to take their learning into a Power Living studio as a classroom assistance, they do not need to attend this additional 3-hour session.

This course is closed for enrollment.