Introduction to Anatomy for Yoga Course

Welcome to Anatomy for Yoga

This short course is designed to educate you on anatomy specifically for yoga. You will be expertly guided through lectures that have been divided into chapters with accompanying tutorials and practices to enhance your learning.

You will learn the major bones and the different types of soft tissues of the body, the main muscles you use in yoga practice divided into groups with the origin and insertion points and action that each muscle performs. Helping you to assimilate why it is important to understand the bodies functionality for a safe practice. You will also cover the anatomy of breathing, how it effects the physiology of the body and how to breathe ujjayi breath effectively to support your yoga practice.

The modules are designed in a way that will build your knowledge and move progressively. They are rich in learning and information so please take your time to repeat them as many times as you need to absorb the knowledge and understanding.

We provide you with a manual to reference through all the modules, instructions as to what chapter is appropriate to the module can be found in the first lecture of each module. We also recommend purchasing Key Muscles of Yoga by Ray Long and also downloading the Muscle pro 3 app, this is a recommendation not a requirement.

We hope you enjoy the journey.


The Power Living team

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